I'm having my first giveaway! Deadline is Friday, August 1st at 12:00 am EST!

1st place will get 2 million bells, the sweets set, and 4 of each hybrid.

2nd place will get 2 million bells, and two of each hybrid.

3rd place will get 1 million bells and two of each…


The answer was me.
So that’s great for ya’ll cause I’m going to make my new town soon, and give away everything I don’t need. This includes over 100 royal crowns, Dlc, throwing beans and toy hammers and such, all gold tools, bush starts, hybrids, Gracie clothing, fossils, gems, random furniture,…


I forgot to sell some crowns that I left in my storage, sooo I’ll give them away to someone! There’s a total of 27 crowns, and the most money you can get from that is actually 13,500,000 Bells, if you know your way around Re-tail. Just reblog or like this once to get an entry and I’ll choose someone randomly in the next two hours or so!